MOMS Club began in 1983 when Mary James, an at-home mother in California, decided she was tired of being alone at home. She wanted to meet other at-home mothers and she wanted to find other at-home children for her children to play with. When she discovered there were no other organizations that met during the day and allowed her to come with her baby and preschooler, she decided to start a brand new organization just for at-home mothers, and the MOMS Club was born.  The chapter she started was so successful, she knew mothers in other areas must be needing the MOMS Club, too. Soon, she and other volunteers were helping mothers start MOMS Clubs across the country and around the world! As of 2007, we now have over 2,100 chapters with more than 110,000 members across the United States. We also have International chapters starting too! Please feel free to visit our "mother" organization's website, http://www.momsclub.org, to learn more.